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Our authors form a rich community: math circle leaders, homeschoolers, passionate teachers, and other math enthusiasts, all trying in their own ways to spread the love of math.

Math circles are groups of people working on math problems together, in which the leader does not ‘teach material’ but proposes intriguing problems to solve, and facilitates the students’ problem solving process. Check out some coolness at:

The Math Circle (in the Boston area)
Bay Area Circle for Teachers
National Association of Math Circles (directory)
Talking Stick Math Circle
Becoming Invisible, by Bob Kaplan and friends (an excerpt from Playing With Math)

Homeschoolers are teaching themselves more math, so they can help their kids to enjoy math.

LivingMath website and Yahoo group
Let’s Play Math! blog

Passionate Teachers are blogging about math. Check out…

Fawn Nguyen
Sam Shah
cheesemonkey wonders

Books about math are getting much more fun than they used to be, there are so many great math books to explore!

More Math Fun

Math Festivals
Math Midway
Math Trails, in NY City, in Canada, in South Bend

The Internet is exploding with math!

Math Playground (games)
Coolmath (games)
TED Talks on math
Wolfram Alpha
YouTube: silly songs, …
Vi Hart’s videos
Math Munch